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Law student Vanessa Turnbull-Roberts pic

UNSW Law student named as a finalist for Human Rights Medal 

Vanessa Turnbull-Roberts is the only UNSW student among the five national finalists for the award conferred by the Australian Human Rights Commission. 

Bridget Cama, right, and Aliira Davis, l

Bridget Cama and Allira Davis are building a network of young Indigenous Australians who will work for lasting change.


Danielle’s fight: A singular push to win systemic change for Indigenous Australians

Danielle Hobday’s meteoric rise has taken her from an isolated rural family to shaping the future of her community. But despite the concessions she has won, she knows that the important battles are ahead of her.


Murrie’s vision: The Indigenous community of tomorrow that honours yesterday

Murrie Kemp is a man from a small community with a towering vision. One that will re-write what an Indigenous community can be, both in the eyes of who live there and those who write the policy in Canberra.

Shalom Gamarada Update | August 2021

The doors of Shalom College have remained open during this second wave of COVID and the majority of our Gamarada students are still living at college.

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